Submitted by wollson on Tue, 02/19/2019 - 11:20

International diamond prize for excellence in quality and inovation was recently awarded to Special Hospital SVETI VID in Wienna.
This prestigeous award, as the supreme merit of quality and continuous effort in achieving excellence in its domain of business – European Society For Quality Research ( ESQR) is awarding Special Hospital SVETI VID.
European Society For Quality Research is an organization with headquarters in Lozanne ( Schwitzerland), dedicated to research and recognition of esteemed companies and institutions in the world that are achieving superior professionalism and continuation of quality in work and results.
Special Hospital SVETI VID was honored this time a diamond statue, as the supreme award for accomplishment and prosperity, innovation and excellence, knowledge instructing and enlightening in its domain as well as positive influence on whole surrounding region in development and implementation of modern approach in the field of medicine.

Diamond Prize Wien 2016