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At the International Congress of Innovative Ophthalmology, held in Bombay on 21 – 24 August 2008 and organized by the International Academy for Innovative Ophthalmology, Professor Dr. Pavel Rozsival and Dr. Marina Dragović were presented a great world award – FIRST PRIZE for the presented work related to innovations in ophthalmology. As the Congress was held in India, the award symbolically has the shape of an Indian diamond.

For the first time in the world, new surgical possibilities in solving ophthalmologic problems were shown, processed in filmed material, which was accepted with delight both by the audience and the jury. The jury consisted of the most significant people from the world of ophthalmology from all the continents who themselves have also given great contributions to the development and current possibilities of contemporary ophthalmology. Professor Pavel Rozsival received numerous congratulations for his brilliant surgery and fantastic conceptual solution.

This scientific film that has won the first prize will be shown at professional gatherings all over the world, as a guideline for problem solving, which has been thematically elaborated and presented with a message that it is possible to move the boundaries towards new and better possibilities.

At the same time, this is an award to Belgrade where this work has been created and whose pictures will go around the continents together with the pictures of SVETI VID. On this occasion, a press conference and cocktail party were organized in Belgrade when this awarded film was shown for the first time in Serbia.

Dr. Marina Dragović, Medical Director of Special Hospital SVETI VID, and the co-author of the awarded work, welcomed the honourable guests and after a short review of the contributions of this renowned institution to the development and modernization of domestic ophthalmology, she announced the projection of the awarded film.

After the projection, a representative of the Ministry of Health congratulated on the recognition that SVETI VID had acquired in the world and confirmed that, at the same time, this was very important for Belgrade and Serbian ophthalmology headed by Sveti Vid in the world context.


First prize in the world to hospital Sveti vid for the quality of surgery and contribution to the development of modern ophthalmology Eye Advance - 2008